about 2012 3-6 May
Melloblocco, a passionate battle
Sun, rain, boulder problems and parties for 2200 people during the ninth edition of Melloblocco 2012. Our final report of the world’s most important bouldering meeting which took place in Val Masino - Val di Mello from 3 to 6 May. “You see those patches of blue in the sky. It’s the rain that goes, and the serene returns.” Here we go again, Melloblocco has got the better of me once more. There I was, leaving the valley, when that old song by the Rokes (God bless Shel Shapiro!) entered my brain. And right then, at the edge of the road and next to the river, four diehards got ready to climb their small boulder problem. Back up there, in the crowded gym, people were still bidding their ritual farewells to the Melloblocco. Around me everything reminded me of the last two days of floods... And then blue dots began to make their appearance in the sky. While up above, the snow sparkled down onto legendary Val di Mello. When the game had practically come to an end the rain disappeared and out came the sun. We’d been cheated, surely... for want of a better definition. Nevertheless though, I still felt as if I’d just experienced a great Melloblocco, one of the best even. But why?