about 2013 26 April -5 May
Melloblocco 10 in ten days
Melloblocco bids farewell to Val Masino and Val di Mello, with that beaming smile which reveals something intense, strong and beautiful. 10 days, shared together, which won't be forgotten about in a hurry. This certainly holds true for the 2,000 climbers who registered and took part in the world's most important international climbing and bouldering meeting, and this certainly holds true for the valley itself. Because this edition which celebrated Melloblocco's 10th anniversary had to something special, and it really was. In every sense. It was a real journey, a joint adventure almost, highly desired and celebrated by all. A total experience that, day after day, one boulder problem after the next, overcame all difficulties, grew and confirmed its desire to be there, to count. And also be in charge of its own happiness.