about 2015 30 April-3 May
Melloblocco, the free bouldering spirit
This morning they set off once again. In great numbers. All chasing those last problems. All absolutely indifferent to the weather that was, how should we put it… rather damp. Perhaps because for the Melloblockers this game, just like climbing itself, never ends? Or because the energy these girls and boys, men and women have seemed unending? But there’s no point in asking more questions. What is certain is that after last night’s great party, after all the music and celebrations that continued well into the early hours of the day for a fair few, it seemed as if no one wanted to miss out on the Melloblocco 2015 grand finale. A final that encompassed all of Melloblocco, all that the 2500 Melloblockers (in truth more than 5000 climbers were up in the valley) gave and experienced during these four free, intense and definitely slightly crazy days. It goes without saying that this is the unique style of Melloblocco. The same style personated by the young, unique and unmistakable Mello ”tribe”. As unique as these valleys and rocks in the large garden of Val Masino and beautiful Val di Mello.