BrazzPad Rent - Melloblocco (International Bouldering Meeting) 29,00 €

From here you can book and pay for your BrazzPad rental.
They will be special BrazzPads, created for this important initiative that sees us as partners!
1) Choose the size of your BrazzPad: medium (like Oberland or Cormo) or large (like Turchessa or Alpagota);
2) Select the day(s) you wish to guarantee your rental;
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BrazzPad Rent - Melloblocco (International Bouldering Meeting)

Before you pay for your rental, please check all the methods below carefully!


 Pagamenti sicuri al 100%

Brazz nota bene!

The BrazzPad is hired on a personal basis: in the "attached documents" you will find the general terms and conditions of the BrazzPad rental. Before purchasing, you will be able to read the terms and conditions that you will have to fill in and sign when you collect your BrazzPad.


Collection instructions: You can pick up your BrazzPad directly at the venue.

To book, click here:

BrazzPad Rent - Melloblocco (International Bouldering Meeting)