From GYM to ROCK

Marco Bufalo, from the Melloblocco 2023 boulder-setters team, brought this nice parallel between indoor and outdoor activity that hangs on the walls of Stone'n'woods, a guesthouse located in Albarracin, a little different from the usual hostel..

"Inside there are shared spaces, where guests create a real community. Through social media and "word of mouth" communication, the managers try to educate the new generation of climbers - those who have recently started practicing, thanks to the exponential expansion that this sport has had in recent years - on the behaviors one can and cannot keep in nature, and under boulders, which in Albarracin are particularly fragile due to the type of rock.A concrete and very suitable example is the poster which highlights the difference between the gym and the rock" (M. Bufalo)..


Music helps you during your training sessions. Music disturbs the fauna. Leave the technology at home.
The technicians are responsible for your safety. Always check your equipment and take every precaution.
There are toilets and bins. Take away your waste. If you poop, bury it, and don't leave any paper or tissues behind.
Boulder-setters replace dirty holds and wash them. Clean the rock of magnesite and marks.
Put things back in the locker. It takes up as little space as possible, your objects could ruin the flora.
You can't bring the dog. Bring him if well behaved but always on a leash. May disturb other climbers and wildlife.
It's nice to train in large groups. In the wild, look for a less crowded place and avoid noise and unsuitable behavior.