Giacomo Tonoli is the Melloblocco's official photographer

Giacomo Tonoli tells us how he intends to interpret his work at Melloblocco. His idea is "to follow the festival as a reportage", but also "to focus on the valley, on nature and on what we should respect (!!!): the environment".

Giacomo Tonoli is attracted by light and people. London gave him the opportunity to understand that photography could become a real profession. Since his time in London, he has travelled to many countries such as America, Asia and Europe, preferring the adventure and the feeling of freedom that travelling without a specific destination gives him. All his travels are based on projects or ideas that lead him to risk his life. In 2015 he moved to Barcelona, where he found a different reality that completely captivated him. He is getting closer and closer to the world of climbing, thanks to his friends who take him along to get some photos to show on social media. By doing everything with passion, he creates a portfolio of photos of sport climbing, mountaineering and skiing, which are the activities that interest him the most at the moment. Since 2019 he has been working with Salewa and many other brands, they contact him for content (photos and videos) in the outdoor sector. Giacomo is always looking for a story to tell through his images. And this quest will never end.