It starts on Thursday 4th and finishes on Sunday 7th May 2023. These are the 4 days of Melloblocco n° 16, the event most eagerly awaited by boulderers. As always, the appointment is in the Val di Mello Nature Reserve, in the Municipality of Valmasino in Valtellina. And, as always, boulderers will come from all over the world. To share their passion for climbing. To get together and party. But also and above all to immerse yourself, once again, in the Bouldering Valley. That great little paradise of enchanted walls, green meadows and boulders that seem to have fallen from the sky, which welcomes them with a smile every year.
There have been more than 2,000 "Melloblockers" in the last editions and more than 6,000 presences in the Valley. A people, indeed a colorful international "tribe" of bouldering, which for 4 days animated, lived, filled but also respected taking it to the Heart. It is also for this reason that the Val di Mello and the Municipality of Valmasino have adopted the Melloblocco. For this reason, during the Melloblocco, people go on foot or take the shuttle bus. Because the "Mello" is dedicated to climbing and nature, and the its motto is: Boulder, Wilderness and Peace.

It starts on Thursday 4 May, a fixed appointment happy hour with music in San Martino, then, Friday, Saturday and Sunday it continues indefinitely for three days of bouldering and climbing on the infinite boulders of the Valley. A huge field game that ranges from the historical heart of the event, the Val di Mello, to the boulders from the boulder areas of San Martino to the boulders of the Sasso Remenno. To continue with those scattered throughout the Valley of wonders. As always a special map will guide the Melloblockers on the thousand problems of valley rock.

Then the big Sunday evening conclusion with the prizes for the champions who will have climbed the most difficult problems but also prizes for everyone the Melloblockers. Because the great bouldering festival in Val di Mello is everyone. Like the spirit of Melloblocco.