Melloblocco 2024 showcases Burden of Dreams Replica ft. Elias Iagnemma

Melloblocco, the biggest bouldering meeting in the world, will showcase a replica of Burden of Dreams from 8 to 11 May in Italy's Val Masino - Val di Mello, Italy. This is an identical copy of the world's first 9A boulder problem, put up by Nalle Hukkataival in 2016 and repeated recently by Elias Iagnemma.
Elias Iagnemma vs Burden of Dreams 

Burden of Dreams, the first 9A boulder problem in the world, will showcase at Melloblocco! No, obviously not the enormous granite block sitting at Lappnor in Finland, but an exact replica of the 5 intense moves first climbed by Nalle Hukkataival in 2016.

The Burden Of Dreams Replica will be erected at the Climbing Village located in San Martino in Val Masino, at the entrance to Val di Mello. During the 4-day event everyone will be able to touch these microscopic crimps and try the moves. To make things even more interesting and fun, Italy's Elias Iagnemma will be at hand to offer some advice and provide beta. He should know how it's done. He repeated the line a month ago. But first things first.

For those who don't know it, there is a complete set of "Replica holds" on the market, comprised of 6 crimps cast from highly accurate 3D scans taken by British climber Aiden Roberts. By placing these in precisely the right position on a 40° board it is possible to create an exact match of the real problem and try the moves. Just like practically all the best climbers in the world.

Melloblocco 2024 will feature this replica. Everyone is invited to come and touch the holds, realise just how small and difficult they really are, and perhaps even try some of the moves!

If these are too hard, don't despair, the board will feature three other "replicas" graded 8A, 7A and 6A respectively. Elias Iagnemma will be at hand to share the "beta" and offer advice; on 25 March he became the first Italian to send a 9A boulder problem on this bloc. The world's hardest boulder problem. This year at Melloblocco, from 8 to 11 May. See you there!

P.S. The Melloblocco team thanks Appiano Distribution Studio for supplying the holds and Top Tribe of Bergamo for the board and mattress.