Melloblocco chooses Barbara Zangerl, photographed by Klaus dell'Orto, for the 2024 poster


This year Melloblocco dedicates the poster to Barbara Zangerl, an athlete who interprets the values of the event in the best possible way. From bouldering to big walls, from sport climbing to trad, from granite to limestone, always at the highest level.

The first time at Melloblocco was in 2006, not yet of age!

Since then, she has taken part in many editions, climbing with enthusiasm in the company of all the Melloblocco climbers, and to date she is the one who has sent the most prize-awarding boulders, with an incredible 63 (followed by Jenny Lavarda with 46 and Roberta Longo with 34). Let's not forget that among the men it is Gabriele Moroni with 53.


We have chosen a photo from last year, 2023, on the bisex boulder Superparanoid Android 8A; the photo was taken by another prominent member of the Melloblocco people, photographer Klaus Dell'Orto.

Klaus took part in the first edition in 2004 and has been the official photographer of the event for several editions.


“The first time at Melloblocco was in 2004: in those years walking around with a crash pad on your shoulder was still something strange and the idea of ​​a gathering of boulderers was something electrifying: arriving and finding our myths of the time, see them climb and get to know them in person! In 2006 I had also tried to take some photos and the great Claudio Piscina, after seeing them, asked me to help him in the reportage of the event as a team of official photographers the following year. I still remember his invaluable advice on cuts, framing and colors to give to Mello's photos. The following years were incredible: traveling around the Valley I gave a lift to Barbara and Claudia Zangerl and from there a beautiful friendship was born (and in the following years many reports on big walls with Babsi). The very famous Mello parties are now a myth - some of which with daring episodes that have remained between history and legend. Years of photos with Pietro and Mirko with also the first video experiments with reflex cameras, generations of athletes met as children and then becoming climbing legends. Mello opened up a world to me and it is also thanks to it that I entered the world of climbing photography. But it was also a great opportunity to meet friends and to be able to live with a large family, who met once a year - perhaps a little changed on the outside but with the same eyes as always." (Klaus Dell'Orto, 2024).