The harmonious chaos of Melloblocco 2024

A preliminary preview of Melloblocco, the largest bouldering and climbing meeting in the world which will take place in Italy's Val di Mello - Val Masino from 8 to 11 May 2024. Over 1000 climbers have already registered for the event, while Matteo de Zaiacomo, Andrea Pavan, Marco Bufalo and the team of route setters are preparing the boulders and areas for the 20th anniversary edition.
(Melloblocco 2017: Giulia Pironi Klaus Dell'Orto / OpenCircle)

Melloblocco 2024. Where do we start? From the fact that there's just over a month to go before the bouldering meeting which promises, once again, to be the largest climbing meet in the world? From the awareness that the event days are different - from Wednesday to Saturday, in the hope that people take a slightly longer break and enjoy the valley to the full, and won't get stuck in traffic on their return home on Sunday evening? Or should we start from the over 1000 climbers who've already registered? Or from the bouldering areas, the program, the athletes who'll travel up into Val Masino and Val di Mello? It's not easy to convey all this information in a logical manner, but we'll try do our best, because Melloblocco has always been a "harmonious chaos", and this year will be no different.

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