Treasure hunt at Melloblocco: discover the largest nature reserve in Lombardy and win a fantastic gadget

Are you ready to discover this unspoilt corner of Lombardy in a unique and exciting adventure?
This year at Melloblocco, play and discover the largest nature reserve in Lombardy.
In the event bag you will find the map with the clues, the rules and the instructions to complete this fascinating "treasure hunt".
The activity is a 6-stage game to be played individually or in teams, the stages can be done in any order.
The 6 stages are placed along a ring, on both sides of the stream, from the entrance to the Reserve, after the car park, up to the Ca' di Carna area.
At each stage there will be a panel with instructions on how to carry out the test (some stages require the use of the paper and pencil provided in the event bag, others require the use of the smartphone camera).
In addition to the board, there is a stamp with a symbol (different for each stage). After passing each stage, you will have to stamp the "test table" below.
Once all 6 stages have been completed, the players must go to the reserve stand to validate the tests. If all the tests have been completed correctly and all the symbols on the table have been reported, the players will receive a small gadget.
The reserve stand will be active in the Melloblocco Village in San Martino from Wednesday 8 May to Saturday 11 May, from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00.